Student Projects

UMass Lowell, Graphic Design III: Identity and Branding
In this course, students are asked to invent a conceptual product that solves a problem or addresses a skill. From there, they develop a brand identity system and apply it across various media: packaging, advertising, website prototype, and video or motion graphic with an animated logo. They showcase the work in brand and process books.

Intuition, Kimberly Cosgrove
A ring that senses the intentions of others and provides reassurance to the user and prevent unfortunate or potentially dangerous situations.

Archive, Avery LaRochelle
A device that scans your bag and creates a sortable list of items inside.
A link to a website prototype can also be found here

MetroGuard, Marcello Lewis
A smart bracelet that acts as a protective shield and aims to prevent the spread of illness. 

Dot, Suellen Guerriero
A pacifier that measures the amount of sleep a child will have a night, while training their sleep schedules to become regular every night.

Keepsake, Cody O'Bryant
A memory refresher that allows users to take back control of their thoughts and slow down the effects of dementia.

UMass Lowell, Graphic Design III: Extreme Scale
Based on a project I was given during graduate school at Boston University, in 'Extreme Scale,' I ask students to explore conceptual contrasts by reacting to this prompt. Student information included on click.

UMass Lowell, Design in Motion
Students explore typography and image-making in a time-based medium. Projects include Lyric Videos, Title Sequences, and a Design for Good infographic video. Student information included on click.

UMass Lowell, Graphic Design II

Projects shown here include 'Personal Visualizations' Inspired by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec's Dear Data project and conceptual redesign of Movie Posters, and Packaging series redesign and Museum Brand Identity. Student information on click.

UMass Lowell, Graphic Design I
Projects shown here include Commemorative Design Stamp Booklets, Endangered Animal Posters. Student Information on click.