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It's ok. I'm here.

The work “It’s ok. I’m here.” explores communication and connection through an investigation of inner narrative versus the act of sharing. I explore the act of concealing, revealing, and decoding messages to an audience that I hope will empathize. In the age of social media, we’re constantly bombarded by images of happy people with successful lives, and wonder when we might ever measure up. Here, I share my own worries, insecurities and sadness, obscuring the parts that I feel embarrassed or undeserv­ing to voice. Using many symbols of varying complexity, I divide what I feel comfort­able sharing from what I want to safeguard. But, I’ll Ieave you a key, for if you feel like me. This work was featured in two Boston exhibitions in 2019, Lines/Divide at Boston East Gallery and Word Art at SpaceUs.

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